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Q: What are the burn times for my candles?

A: 16oz Jar burn time: Up to 100 hours

     10oz Jar burn time: Up to 80 hours

      6oz Jar burn time: Up to 40 hours


Q: How do I preserve my candle? Make it last longer? 

A:  To keep your Khreativ Soy Kandle smelling great and lasting long, trim the wick 1/4 inch from the base before each burn.


Q: I've read that your candles can be used as a moisturizer? How do I use my soy candle for this?

A: As the soy melts, dip your fingers into the liquid and use on your hands and feet to make them feel like velvet or as a massage oil. KSK is created with pure soy, body safe essential oil blends with a touch of coconut oil.


Q: I'm thinking of a special scent for an event coming up but don't see it on the Khreativ Soy Collection list, can I request a customized fragrance?

A: Of course! Khreativ Soy Kandles are just that.....Khreativ! Send an email to kimberly@khreativsoykandles.com with the quantity, jar size and desired fragrances...we'll do the rest!


Q: What does "organic" handmade candles mean?

A: All Khreativ Soy Kandles are made from all natural or "organic" soybeans that are grown and manufactured in the USA. Handmade means that each candle is manufactured by hand and not machine, especially for you!


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